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About Us



Bashir Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the most prominent and well reputed industry of Pakistan for steel pipe manufacturing (MS PIPE & GI PIPE). Our production capacity and facilities are of much wider range from 1/2" to 18 " diameter , Mild steel and Galvanized (MS & GI) . We have been producing pipes of international standards such as BSS, ASTM, JIS and API with our long experience and up-to-date testing lab facilities.

Our manufacturing process is based on the latest technology with installed Electric Resistance Welding (E.R.W.) process on high frequency plants, from Japan & United States of America.

The pipe thus manufactured replaces the seamless pipe due to its high sustainable pressure and costs comparatively lower. It is a renowned quality of Bashir Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. that the pipes used in various Govt. , Semi Govt. Organizations , State enterprises Leading multinational projects , Sugar & Chemical industries , Water Supply Schemes , Oil and Gas transmission lines , Scaffolding etc. bears the trademark of Bashir Pipe. Our enlistment and pre-qualification with Government , Semi Govt. and commercial organizations is a solid proof of our standard production. According to the consumer's requirement the pipe is passed through various processes like coating , galvanizing , threading ,coupling etc. to extend the dependability and ensures excellent services.

Galvanizing is done by the latest technique i.e. , hot dip , approved by the British Standard. Quality is our conviction . We are equipped with ample in house testing facilities . The whole process of pipe manufacturing is supervised by the skilled experts and every piece of pipe goes through rigorous inspection before its delivery.

 The trademark of BASHIR PIPE is on every pipe bears the guarantee of its quality





Our Products


 We Are Producing ERW Pipe, Scaffolding Pipe, Mild Steel & Galvanized Pipe (MS PIPE & GI PIPE) Range

Outer Diameter:

From 1/2" to 18" inches

From 21.3mm to 457.2mm



Wall Thickness:

From 0.039" to 0.345" inches

From 1.0mm to 9.0 Millimeters






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